Please read this if you want to know more about MPP.

Announcement: I've OPAMaged MPP!

So, I've eventually OPAMaged MPP (i.e., made an OPAM package for MPP)! Now MPP officially has a version number, and at the time I'm writing these lines, the current version is 0.1.0.

Happy that it eventually worked...

Yes, I'm quite happy that MPP now has an OPAM package. To do so, I copied the _oasis and the Makefile files from MPP and adapted them for MPP. At first I wanted to avoid using oasis because for reasons that are still unknown to me, some people told me (half-joking?) that it was better not to depend on oasis... Well, actually I tried not to depend on oasis! I tried but just couldn't build in a reasonable amount of time a Makefile that met the requirements for an OPAM package. Building MPP is quite trivial, installing it in the right place and being able to uninstall it, well, less trivial (perhaps I've just missed a simple thing in the process).

A side note

Although the MPP project started a while ago now, it's still at a pretty early stage of development since I've been mostly working on the tools that are needed to build the new ocaml.org website, such as OMD (read about the experience here), which I've developed from scratch, and OPAM-DOC, which I had to contribute to at some point because we had to fix it while having a very little amount time.

Now that OMD has become quite stable (although some bugs are still found from time to time, which is normal) ../..

No product of human intellect comes out right the first time. We rewrite sentences, rip out knitting stitches, replant gardens, remodel houses, and repair bridges. Why should software be any different? – Lauren Ruth Wiener

../.. and since I'm not the only contributor on opam-doc (Vincent Botbol is still participating, he fixed quite a nasty-to-fix bug last weekend, and Leo White is still working on the JavaScript part), it's not as much time-taking as OMD, but because it's not my code and because it's using some syntax extension (yeah, CamlP4's in the place, yo), patching it is not as simple as it could be...

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